Kristoffer Fürst

Current investments

I invest periodically as a hobby, in both listed and unlisted company. Here you can follow some of my current positions and why I act as I do. At the core of my investment thesis is not to diversify. For more on why, please message me :-)

Companies where I'm active

During the latest year, I've dlowly started to change my approach to investing and going forward intend to diversify less and concentrate to companies where I'm operational. Currently that's two companies, listed below.


Where I serve as CEO - naturally where I put most my nickles and dimes. This makes a lot of sense, I work close to 100 hours actively per week to make this company more successful so why invest somewhere where I don't work as hard to make the investment succeed.


I assist Saleskick in system design in their quest to visualise sales on an organisational level for the internal management and employee motivation.

Other investments


In June 2017 I moved my last savings (after a great investment success in Abelco) to property. This is 5% by design (I don't have time for stockpicking at the moment due to other projects) and 95% because I built a house with my wife in 2017 so liquidiity is low/zero for a while.


The timing couldn't be better for a significantly more environmentally friendly product. Frankly, I love the product and would love to see it become market standard (even though I honestly don't give them great odds to get that far).